Steelgate series

I have spent lots of time on the island of Lanzarote, always during winter time. It has a lunar type landscape which may not appeal to many but I love it. On a quick glance you are seeing, it seems, a lot of black but as the sun passes it constantly changes the very textured lava fields and volcanos. Colours of ochre, umbers, greens, greys, seem to blend in an ever changing  kaleidoscopic  scene.  Here are two of my acrylic lava paintings.

There is a lovely contrast between the lava and sea.
There are so many different textures

On a walk one day near Femes we came across an old, surprisingly colourful, rusty gate which I photographed.  The photograph turned out not to be very inspiring. I worked on the image for a while pinpointing some sections I found particularly interesting.  Images of romantic landscapes emerged and though they did not represent Lanzarote in any way they evoked for me other places I’d visited. These images are the steelgate images.