Lock down April

It’s been six weeks now and am only getting back to my art work! There are so many things to do and so little time. Having finished yet another draft of Eleanor and Sarah I am now treating myself to a home designed film course. I have started on another project and feel it would be good to start the next project with a bit more knowledge! I am watching a least a movie a day and educating myself on all things film. It has been very enjoyable and can take as many hours that I can give it! And so to my art work. My first piece, I think, probably speaks to how I actually feel about being isolated. I have called it Is it safe out there?. It started out as a photograph of a cannon on suomenlinna island, off Helsinki.

the insider
Is it safe out there?

Hadrian’s column

Lately we took a trip to Tivoli, outside Rome, to visit some garden’s. The three gardens were so different. We visited Villa D’Este garden, a very formal sumptuous water filled garden, Villa Gregoriana was a walk in the woods and Hadrian’s villa a very ancient one. I haven’t used stone as a prompt before but one of the old columns in the Maritime Theatre seemed to call out to me and here is the result!

hadrian's column

Steelgate series

I have spent lots of time on the island of Lanzarote, always during winter time. It has a lunar type landscape which may not appeal to many but I love it. On a quick glance you are seeing, it seems, a lot of black but as the sun passes it constantly changes the very textured lava fields and volcanos. Colours of ochre, umbers, greens, greys, seem to blend in an ever changing  kaleidoscopic  scene.  Here are two of my acrylic lava paintings.

There is a lovely contrast between the lava and sea.
There are so many different textures

On a walk one day near Femes we came across an old, surprisingly colourful, rusty gate which I photographed.  The photograph turned out not to be very inspiring. I worked on the image for a while pinpointing some sections I found particularly interesting.  Images of romantic landscapes emerged and though they did not represent Lanzarote in any way they evoked for me other places I’d visited. These images are the steelgate images.


Welcome to my first blog and to my new website. It has been challenging as I have had to change web development system and server. Luckily my son Hugh has been here to get me started. Thank you Hugh.

I started on many a journey in my life but none that has given me as much pleasure,excitement,intrigue and frustration as my foray into photography.

It started with a photograph I took of a gate in Femes, Lanzarote. This photograph has mutated into several magical landscapes, one of which is this Steelgate 4.

Since then my patient husband, swallowing his embarrassment, stands by as I photograph ‘potential’ in old pieces of decaying metal, wood or indeed anything that looks as if it might have potential! Some turn out to have none while others yield gems. These gems are what I hope to share with you, over time, on my blog and website .